Red Ferne Abyssinians

The Home of : GCRW Red Ferne Rolo 


GC Red Ferne Voodoo Earned his Grand Title on 10-18-08

Show season 2008-09


He is now retired and a spoiled pet here

The Mighty Voodoo
Nationally 5th Best Aby Kitten
Southern 2nd Best Aby Kitten
Breeder/Owner: Lisa Kaelin 

 GCRW Red Ferne Rolo (GA) aka Buddy winning those final points to become a Grand Champion
CHRW Arya Underfoot of Red Ferne Best Abyssinian Kitten in Southern Region and 25th Best Kitten regionally 
Walt and Lisa below with awards for both Rolo aka Buddy and Arya


 Ch Red Ferne Bluebell  

Ch Red Ferne Batgirl (retired)


GP Red Ferne Chief Captain Jack (retired)


GC Purssynian Sky Dancer of Red Ferne (retired)

 Ch Red Ferne Chief Crazy Horse (GA)


GC Micoaby Belle Star of Red Ferne our first GC and living here as a very spoiled girl.


Ch Micoaby Blue Diamond and Rust of Red Ferne (GA)


Ch Indiabi Running Deer of Red Ferne (retired)

Ch Red Ferne Pacman of Indiabi (retired)



Eighteenth Best Cat in Premiership
Fawn Neuter
Br: Lisa Kaelin
Ow: Sandra Bell & Vicki Senape
1968.95  2009-2010 show season



Pr Red Ferne Sully of Spricey owned by Sharon DeMuth


GP Red Ferne Mose(retired)


Ch Red Ferne Moses2 of Tigerflower owned by Molly Ball


Ch, GP Red Ferne Sundance of Ashaby on left and me holding Ch, GP Red Ferne Moses they were both new grands at the Simpsonville, SC show August 2011


Pr Red Ferne Magic of Spricey owned by Sharon DeMuth


GP, RW Red Ferne Mystic of Spricey owned by Sharon DeMuth



Ch Red Ferne Gildin of Ulunlae owner Anne Lena



Ch Red Ferne Sunspot (retired)


 Ch Red Ferne Mantis (retired) 


Ch Red Ferne Ellie Mae (retired)


 Ch Red Ferne Raina of Indiabi owner Judy Laffin


Ch Red Ferne Bailey's Irish Cream 


Ch Red Ferne Twizzler of Indiabi owner Judy Laffin (retired)


GP RW Red Ferne Rustique of Ashaby owned by Sandra Bell