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 This past weekend in Dayton, Ohio GPRW Red Ferne Blue Mystic of Spricey became CFA's first abyssinian Grand Premier of Distinction11/15/15
pictured below are breeders Lisa and Walt Kaelin in  back and owner Sharon DeMuth and Judge Teresa Sweeney in front we thank Sharon DeMuth for showing him and  all the judges who supported him. 
 Sharon DeMuth and Lisa Kaelin below getting award at CFA Southern Regional for GPRW Red Ferne Mystic of Spricey CFA's first Abyssinian to earn the title Grand of Distinction 2015/16 show season
 GP, RW Red Ferne Blue Mystic of Spricey. SR 14th Best Cat in Premiership, SR Best Aby in Premiership, & CFA 3rd Best Aby in Premiership Globally 2013-2014
20th Best Premier 2014/2015 show season
 GP,RW Red Ferne Mystic of Spricey with his owner Sharon DeMuth pictured below





 GCRW Red Ferne Rolo aka "Buddy" being held by Walter Kaelin with Judge Diana Doernberg  

being awarded his final points for becoming a Grand Champion he was a 2 show GC on 9/5/15




 GCRW Red Ferne Rolo aka Buddy



 Ch Red Ferne Jellybean



 QGC Red Ferne Violet V of Oh My owner Pat Harbert




 New Grand GC RW Zehnder's Arya Underfoot of Red Ferne earned her title on 9/24/16 

pictured above is proud owner Walt Kaelin and Judge Diana Doernberg 



 GC, RW Zehner's Arya Underfoot of Red Ferne






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