Red Ferne Abyssinians

The Home of : GCRW Red Ferne Rolo 

Available Kittens or Retired Adults

  • We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 250.00 to hold a kitten once we have one available for you.  Contact us for current pet price. 
  • Retired adults pricing will vary to cover the cost of their spay or neuter and sometimes a dental before going to their new furever home.
  • We DO NOT ship our kittens.  The new owner must pick up the kitten or a courier may be used if it meets with Red Ferne approval.
  • Our contract requires that the kitten will not be declawed.  It is very easy to train the kitten to only use posts.Your kitten will already be used to using sisal and cardboard posts.
  • We require that the kitten/cat be kept inside.
  • Our kittens leave after being spayed or neutered at 4 months of age. NO SOONER so please do not ask.
  • All kittens/cats are sold with written contract.
  • Fill out the inquiry form if interested in a Red Ferne Kitten. If it is not filled out completely you will not be contacted.
  • We rarely place intact abyssinians for breeding but if you are a reputable breeder we accept inquires and may place a intact cat with breeding rights/restrictions if we have a show quality abyssinian suitable for showing/breeding. 
  • We also welcome inquiries for anyone wanting to start showing in premiership. 

We breed on a very small scale and are breeding for the show ring and for our breeding program this comes first before pet inquiries and yes it can take up to minimum of 3 months to often determine if a cat is show quality or not. We take great pride in our cats and kittens for health and personality.  We do breed all four of the CFA colors ruddy, red, blue and fawn but with emphasis on the colors blue and fawn for show. 

We do plan to have a litter this fall of 2023